by My Heart, My Anchor

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I thought I had found someone that I was going to be in love with forever but something changed. A six year long relationship, spent with someone my entire world revolved around, was over in five minutes. It's been almost 4 years since that person and I spoke. I don't expect to hear from her or receive a reply to any message I've sent. I don't know what changed or what happened, but it left me feeling incomplete. This EP is about erasing someone from your life. Pretending that someone/something never happened so you can fool yourself into happiness. What should/could have been. This EP is about gaining Closure.


released January 7, 2015

Performed by Daniel Thompson of My Heart, My Anchor
Recorded/Produced/Mixed by Collin Dunn @ Fly Honey Studios
Mastered by Michael Bridgett @ The Monster House

Additional Thanks:
Lap steel and lead guitar for 'Letting Go' and 'Closure' performed by Thomas Beall



all rights reserved


My Heart, My Anchor Baltimore, Maryland

Acoustic emo rock from Maryland

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Track Name: Hope It Was Worth It
I'm coming clean. This is exactly where I did not want to be, in this space between myself and gravity. I'm drifting off into unknowns. You left me alone, I tried my best to give my heart and my soul.. But it was never good enough so now I know, not to waste my time on a beautiful failure.

We're built to fail, we're built to fall, but I'll give you my all. Build me up to break me down, and still keep me around just long enough for you to get what you wanted.
Track Name: Honeybrook
I've spent a long time in Honey Brook. Maybe most of my life. Well I fell in love, with a girl, who thought she was deserving of my time. She was right. She loved me too, so what did I do? I got scared and then I told her we were through.

I lost the greatest thing in my life. I've made mistakes, but now I've paid the price. Taken for granted, mistreated, and abused. As she walks away there's nothing left to do.

When I stare into the sky, I question why I chose to walk right out of your life. You see I've been hoping and praying that maybe one day the wind would bring you running back to me.

I need you to hear this, I'm losing control. I had a tight grip on reality but now I'm feeling so damn unsure. Well I hope she knows, that every song I write is still about her.
Track Name: Letting Go
You know I've been thinkin' about that time we drove down I-95. I watched the sunset in your eyes. I thought about your smile, the way you'd laugh, and the promise of future from days passed. I devoted six long years to discover my greatest fear was living without you near. Then all of a sudden, I found myself calling your name out into the sky.

Is this the price of letting go? To end up all alone? I would have done things differently, if only I had known that I could change my present if I never gave up on my past. When I dropped that hand and walked away, I lost everything I had.

And now it takes all the strength in me, just to pick up the phone. To hear your voice, say three more words, but I know it's just not what I deserve. I tried my best, can't you see, now that I'm everything you want me to be. Please rescue me, and bring me peace, say it's okay when I say "I'm sorry.."
Track Name: Goodbye
I don't think that you're in love with me. You're just obsessed with all of the possibilities. The idea of a strong man with a soft touch wasn't good enough, so you forced me to fold my hand.

Don't tell me when it's over. I just respect myself too much to ever settle.

I'll pick myself up, I'll start over, because my greatest fear is failure. With every attempt comes a lesson that I never plan to forget. I'm giving opportunities to prove that you are different, but what you're giving is not what I'm searching for.

But still she tells me, "Don't say goodbye. Is there something in your eye?"
Track Name: Closure
It scares me to think of the past and know there was nothing that would lead you to coming back. But I waited patiently and so anxiously for some sort of sign. As I grew older, I knew that it was a waste of time.

I've been reaching out for your hand, to pull you from under the water. Suffocating from my demands, the closer we get, breathing becomes harder.

Oh, moving on has been getting old. I've been forgetting someone special that I used to know. I tried to apologize and sympathize to give me some hope, but when all is said and done I just need to know.

I've been reaching out for your hand, to pull you from under the water. Suffocating from my demands, the closer we get, breathing becomes harder.

I just want to be more than at peace. I need some closure, to regain my composure. Are you listening to me? And now all I'm left with is, this empty space. When I close my eyes I still see her face. No I'm not content with how, how my time was spent. These last few years have been hell. I'm just being honest.